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05-20-2016, 09:22 PM
I have a 383DA bought in Nov.84 it looks like the back part is a half circle on top flat bottom broke off in front of safety so the back part that hammer contacts is gone any one had this problem and know where to get one called eagle imports and out of production any one have a part number for the pin and how it comes out from stuff I have for diagram and instructions. Say it that once safety lever on slide is removed it should slide out with spring on front and yes if you push on back of broken pin it moves and pin comes out of the proper place and distance thanks for any help Aaron

05-20-2016, 09:51 PM
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Here is some information that should help you....

This narrative is from the old Chapterhouse Forum found on the Way Back Machine ......the referenced photos are long gone.....
perhaps this will help.

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"The Firing Pin Assembly is retained by a tiny horseshoe or half-donut of metal called the firing pin stop, which sits with its legs up in a narrow trough cut into the top of the slide, viewing it as in the photos below. The trough holds a tiny spring which pushes the firing pin stop against the of the firing pin. Naturally, taking the slide off the frame and removing the manual safety lever are prefatory to removing the firing pin and spring. What we want to do is apply pressure evenly to both legs of the firing pin stop, each leg straddling the firing pin itself, pushing that horseshoe downward enough out of the way so the firing pin can come out.

In the series of photos right, showing the up-ended slide, we can see the square-ish ends of the upturned horseshoe (the firing pin stop) on either side of the firing pin's rear end.

Needle-nose pliers are used to press down on the horseshoe, one plier-jaw per horseshoe-end (I've used my wife's tweesors in a pinch ---sshhhh!). So long as the plier-jaws don't touch the firing pin, enough downward depression of the horseshoe will end its restraint on the firing pin. The firing pin spring will push the firing pin out (see last photo right), and all that remains is to completely pull out the firing pin, lift out the horseshoe (aka the firing pin stop), and then fish out the firing pin spring from inside the firing pin channel with a slightly-hooked piece of wire.

There's a SERIOUS catch, though. It's already been mentioned that the firing pin stop (the horseshoe) rides in a trough with a TINY spring right under it. That spring is really, REALLY tiny and not attached to anything. It's just sitting upright in a tiny pocket at the bottom of the trough (or at least it will appear that way if you are looking at it like the photos depict). Be über careful not to lose that tiny spring!

To reassemble: Set the firing pin aside. Drop the firing-pin spring back into the firing pin channel --the looser end of the spring should go in first. Make sure the TINY firing pin stop spring is sitting bolt-upright in its designated pocket in the trough.

Return the horseshoe (the firing pin stop) to its trough, legs up and right on top of the tiny spring. NOTE: The horseshoe has a thick leg and a thin leg. The thin leg should be nearer the manual safety lever. Use the pliers, slightly agape, to once again press down on the horseshoe by its legs. Insert the firing pin between the horseshoe's legs and into the firing-pin hole.

NOTE: The firing pin rear has a concavity that should face away from the slide --this concavity is meant to embrace the round pivot-peg of the manual safety lever, and is shown in the bottom of the third photo, at the end of the firing pin, facing upwards.

When the firing pin is pushed all the way in, relieve pressure on the horseshoe, which will be pushed up by its tiny spring and thus do its job.. Back away slowly from the slide, and have a nice cold beer."

The square backed FPs were used in model 95 and earlier models(ie. 383DA etal) and some of the early T380s.

Here's a picture at Numrich

Watch Gunbroker & e-bay for Bersa parts.

I hope this helps.....

regards jab

05-20-2016, 10:50 PM
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05-21-2016, 03:39 AM
Thanks for the welcome all see thats the pin I got sent but I just looken a post I was called I lost it but I posted a thanks and short description of why but my dad just died in Dec left me the gun always loved it but back pin broke there I's no u shaped notch or anything like its like it rode safty as stop and it looked like it looks like that pin I saw here smooth wide arch ontop of safety lever I'll see if I can get pics up soon he had it worked on in Dec 86 to fix it when he and mom where certifying with it for work duty back up thankful I found people who love these little guns like I do this one is important to me wish I ccould get the other 2 back he sold years ago all consecutive serial numbers

06-15-2016, 04:41 PM
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