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12-01-2015, 11:39 AM
had to send my Bersa 380cc for service within 2 weeks of getting the pistol. They fixed it and returned it promptly, and at no charge to me. Yesterday, after returning from the range, I cleaned the pistol and when trying to assemble the slide, it just wouldn't go on. I inspected it for debris, broken parts, etc. and could not find anything obvious. I put a call into Colorado gun works to see if maybe there was some "magic" fix for this problem. Mr. Hunnicut (maybe not spelling it right) is the master gunsmith and it was he who answered the phone. He knew immediately what the problem was and instructed me in the quick and easy repair. He was absolutely right (of course), and saved me the problem of sending the pistol in for service. It is incredibly refreshing to deal with professionals who consider customer service to be paramount. Colorado gun works is a great company, and Mr. Hunnicut is truly a "gentleman and a scholar".