View Full Version : AK vs AR or AR vs AK

Reginald Carstairs
03-16-2015, 12:39 PM
AK vs AR or AR vs AK

The Administration of Bersa Chat has DEEP seated feelings on this issue that go far beyond the general rule of gun bashing and comparisons. So let it be known to all there will be no comparisons, better than, eats where it poops, etc. threads or post on this forum between these two battle rifles.

You may open a thread telling us about your AK, post photos and the like without undue censor from this board.

The Administrators and Moderators have full authority to edit, remove threads, and send notice to members. Please respect this rule that is all we ask on the subject.

Actually, gun bashing is in poor taste on any gun board and those who allow it show disrespect to their members as a whole.