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08-12-2014, 02:22 AM
Colorado Gun Works did me good, sent them my Bersa with a broken slide catch release and they got it fixed and back to me in like a week. Was really impressed about the repair time and the customer service was great also, to the point and quick witted. They even checked out the firearm and even shot it to be certain it performed well. Did not get any free stuff like a mag or anything. I also contacted Bersa and they are sending me a new set of front and rear sights since mine seem they did not get calibrated correctly when they where installed on the firearm. After 4 months of pulling it in and out of a holster the front sight bead dot fell out, then it started to rub off the paint.

It seems to work fine after its repair. I would recommend them there at CGW for any Bersa warranty repairs.

09-04-2014, 11:18 PM
Well it's getting sent back in because ever since it broke, it has not been the same gun since. I sent it back to have them check everything this time. I have had several FTF, FTE stove pipes and not setting into battery also. I have shot the same ammo that I shot since the first breakage. I have had others at my gun range shoot it also and they say the same "There is something wrong with that gun".. My grips even came off during shooting I had to put a hogue grip onto it to keep the grip on there. I have had nothing but issues with this firearm since I got it. I sure hope every one else has not had these issues