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Reginald Carstairs
06-07-2014, 05:42 PM
Eagle Imports isn't a warranty center but they do have a few parts that can be sent to you if requested. (some are not free)

I had a very rare thing happen to my rear sight on my T-380. It had a crack in the center blade between the two dots and not too long ago it split and the thin blade fall out in two pieces.

Wolfgang The Gun Doctor said he could fix it under warranty and he too said that is a very rare thing to happen. Before sending it to my Bersa gunsmith I called Eagle and identified myself to see if they had this small two dot T-.380 blade and sure enough they had one in stock. I had it in my hands in three days and installed it using the existing spring and detent screw. My T-.380 is now back on line.

I want to give thanks to Eagle and their kind staff for the expedient way they handled this request.

Also thanks as always for Wolfgang's advice on this problem.