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04-27-2014, 01:24 AM
Here are a few pics of my Remington 870 Tactical Express 12ga

ATI Talon 6 position stock with Scorpion recoil reducing pistol grip which works well

Magpul Forend, with Magpul L5 rail and AFG2 grip

Tacstar Side saddle

Tactstar 3 rail mag tube extension mount with Acid tactical 200 lumen flash light, 3 way high,low and strobe

Remington 2+ shot mag tube kit

GG&G Stainless steel follower

NON-MIM extractor

Sight mark red dot sight with 5 different settings55035504550555065507

05-09-2014, 07:07 AM
Nice looking shotgun, I put that stock on my daughters Mossberg 500.

05-09-2014, 06:31 PM
So you put 400$ of stuff on a 300$ shotgun. Hmm.
Just yanking your chain. Nice set up, have you made sure it goes bang?

09-08-2014, 10:45 PM
$400 not even close. The ATI kit was like $65.00 the light was 32.00 dollars the light mount was 10. dollars and the tube kit was like 45 dollars, side saddle was at the same gun store as the ATI kit and it was 22.75 and the magpul furniture was like 35.00 also at the same gun store. The sight mark cracked on me got my 50.00 dollars back for that. So just a bit over 200.00 dollars. It's good to know people and to shop at gun stores on holidays. I also did not even pay for the shotgun it was a Christmas gift. Oh yes, I went bang the day I got it, it was cold that day I shot like 50 shells through it, then I did the mods. Thanks for all the replies and trust me its still in the works.
That Remington +2 shot kit took a crap on me would not stay tight and would not let me feed all the shells into the mag tube.
Got some money back for that and got a new one for half price. Still messed up. Put on a Wilson Combat and it messed up on me, the huge metal plate came loose so much that every time I racked the slide it would hit my hand somehow, not sure how. Getting a Choate +3 shot kit hopefully this one works. I did for get the Follower and the NON-MIM extractor the follower was on sale for 20.00 and the NON-MIM was also on sale for 25.00 all on Brownell's. I sold the original but stock and hand guard that came with it for $30.00 bucks so that took the price of the follower away, I did not like them to small for me. I felt like I was shooting a youth model with them on there. I like the shotgun but at this time thinking of selling it for another Remington 12 gauge but not sure what.

Michael T
09-09-2014, 11:01 AM
A shot gun is a close range weapon . I prefer the KISS my 870 has extended mag tube and 5 rounds on stock Its a 1981 wingmaster I had barrel cut and thats all except what I have said. I see no reason to hang things and effect balance ad weight or have all the problems you having . KISS!!!! mine still pretty blue with great wood I can swap another barrel and remove extended mag and have a great hunting shot gun or sell for way more than have in it.