View Full Version : H&R/NEF 18.5" 12ga. Partner Pump Protector Shotgun VS Sheet Rock with 00 Buck Shot

07-04-2013, 08:01 PM
Here is a controlled test of what a 12 gauge shotgun does to standard sheet rock at 10 yards (33 feet). The ammo used was the Winchester/Military Grade 00 Bunk Shot/9 pellets/2 3/4" shell caliber. The testing platform is measured 20" wide and 32" high. It was made in the same manner as most building codes in dimensions of 16" studs and with R-13 insulation.

This controlled test is to illustrated what an fired shotgun can do loaded with 00 Buck Shot having a load of 9 lead pellets can do to a normal building wall inside a house or an apartment.

Please be extra careful when handling any type of firearm. Remember all firearms are considered loaded and ready to fire unless thoroughly checked. Firearm's safety classes are offered and I would advise taking them for your own well-being and your family's safety.