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12-23-2012, 09:41 PM
Hey all, I'm new here I joined to see if any one can help me out. I am a new and proud owner of a bersa model 85 I turned 21 this year never owned a gun in my life and I really really love the way this gun feels as soon as I held it at the shop I was at I wanted it mor than the thunder just by the way it looked and felt in my hand. I bought after doing some research on it even knowing that it's age could be a problem and replacement parts would be scarce. I've been to the range many times with my dad and friends so I do have some basic knowledge of how a gun works( and proper gun safety of course) but I took it to the range for the first time to day and found one problem.

The safety like to engage while I shoot not every shot but at least one per clip that I put I. At first It would feel like a dead round. My hammer would hit but no bang following it. I then eject the bullet then continue as normal and that when my safety like to engage. I first thought that I may have a bad firing pin or a week hammer but as I take closer look at my gun while I take a shot ( down range) about 5 to 8 shot my safety would be engaged half way and when I pull the trigger that when I get a dead bullet. I ejected it once again and examined the primer It was struck but not hard enough small dent on it but not like normal. Then I continued once again and then my safety fully engages.

Does any one have a clue what I'm talking about.? If so can anyone help me out.
Ps I'm keeping this gun no matter what

Michael T
12-23-2012, 09:52 PM
That should be a simple fix. I had a old PPK that did that and gun smith fixed in about 20 min. Polly will be along and likely tell you how you might be able to fix.

12-23-2012, 10:24 PM
okay, thank you at least nothing major because when it does fire, its beautiful!