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  1. High School Textbook Revises Second Amendment
  2. UN Treaty...
  3. Obama Judge Rules Chicago Gun Ban Unconstitutional
  4. Former SC Justice: change 2nd Amendment?
  5. Fed Judge Bans Evil HP Ammo
  6. Common Core Textbook Rewrites Second Amendment
  7. NJ Gov Christie vetoes Mag limit
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  10. Video: Ohio burglar tries robbing two homes, both with armed occupants
  11. Buffalo Police To Take Guns From Owners' "Cold Dead Hands"
  12. United Nations Small Arms Treaty Will Take Effect on Christmas Eve
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  14. 10yr Old Shooter on Nightline
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  16. Threatened Gun Owners Push Back
  17. Fed Court Rules "Crazy" Gun Ownership Ban Unconstitutional
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  22. Why Is No One Talking About French Gun Control?
  23. Minnesota Bill Would Stop Federal Gun Control
  24. Middle School Plans to Arm Students with Canned Goods
  25. The Myth Behind Defensive Gun Ownership
  26. 23,921 ccw permits issued in Cook County IL
  27. Video of a Break-In and Shoot Down
  28. False Bomb Threat Leads to Shooting of Police Chief
  29. Number One With a Bullet
  30. Backyard Gun Range Infuriates Neighbors
  31. Guns in School.....1956
  32. Mag limit bill introduced in Congress
  33. Guns in movies...
  34. Huff Post Constitutional Carry
  35. Vacation up / down I95 to Smithsonian from Florida
  36. This is not a gun-free zone!
  37. "Structuring" Law Allows IRS to Seize Small Arms Company Funds
  38. District Judge rules interstate gun purchase ban unconstitutional
  39. WA Gun Owners Hold Largest Civil Disobedience Rally in History
  40. TX Sheriff Rattles Judge, Sheeple with Self-Protection Warning
  41. 72 year old retired teacher arrested in New Jersey with 300 year old pistol
  42. FL appeals court - no Open Carry
  43. Noo Yawk Is After Machetes Now
  44. Americans will never give up their Guns
  45. Please tell our lawmakers how you feel.
  46. Court upholds CA microstamping
  47. Expanded Background checks
  48. Gun Ownership Declining
  49. NV Foster Parents denied kids because they are gun owners
  50. Fake Gun Store Scares Off 1st Time Buyers
  51. BATFE Head Stepping Down
  52. M855 Plot Thickens: Congressman Israel Proposes Center-Fire Ammo Ban
  53. Exactly what we do not need in IL
  54. Senate Amendment Drives Another Nail into ATT Coffin
  55. Gun Control In Obama's Budget?
  56. I'm really upset!!!
  57. GALLOP POLL !!!!!
  58. analogy of the german Wings suicide crash
  59. Army Concerned About Transfer of 1911s
  60. One More Small Victory for 2nd
  61. Gun owners liability insurance.
  62. Administration Preps New Gun Regulations
  63. Carry On College Campus
  64. Gun sales up in May
  65. Rick Perry announced today
  66. County Protesting Oregon Gun Laws
  67. Some gun rights gains in the IL Legislature
  68. Liberal Anti-Gun Media crap
  69. Two Pro Gun Bills Signed
  70. The Most Gun-Friendly Town In America
  71. Obama Pushes Gun Control Via Social Security Disability Roll
  72. The "Us vs. Them" Gun Issue
  73. Seattle propsed tax on firearms and ammo
  74. Oath Keepers to Arm Black protesters in Ferguson
  75. Fed Appeals Court Says Illegal Aliens Have 2A Rights
  76. If We Only Had A Do-Over
  77. H.R. Bill Protects Gun Ownership of SS Recipients
  78. Jackson, TN - Free coffee
  79. SC still not acted on Chicago semi-auto ban
  80. Who's more popular?
  81. New IL CCW Stats
  82. 60 Minutes Smart Gun Story
  83. Maryland Ends $5 Million Ballistic Fingerprint Program
  84. This is their ultimate goal - by very misguided reasoning
  85. A Chance To Turn In Weapons, Take Pledge Of Nonviolence
  86. It Needed To Be Said...
  88. SC refuses to Hear Semi-Auto Rifle ban
  89. Dems Roll Out "Assault Weapons Ban of 2015"
  90. A Lesson From Star Wars
  91. NY looking to restrict ammo sales
  92. Open/conceal carry attorney services... (is there insurance for this?)
  93. Gun sales spike in Dec 2015
  94. NRA have posted a pretty good 4 min. video on Obama administration and gun violence-
  95. Obama Has Spoken
  96. Executive Order Bilge Water
  97. Obama's new executive order classifies "gun violence" as a disease
  98. California Lt. Governor push for ammo rules
  99. Obama: Conspiracy Thinking in Our DNA
  100. A Gun Grabber Actually Gets It!
  101. Gun Control....Just saw this at Patriot Post
  102. New Bill being sent to Congress - Makes ALL semi-autos illegal
  103. NRA challenges Obama to debate !
  104. Register journalist?
  105. Lib Senator Nixes Constitution During Gun Hearing
  106. Background Check Rejects Pile Up at FBI
  107. The left is going to have a hayday with this one
  108. Would You Write An Essay For A Gun License?
  109. In Search of the Gun Show Loophole
  110. FBI Shoot
  111. VT Lawmaker wants gun owners to register with insurance companies
  112. Good news for a change!
  113. Gun Registry
  114. BLM Standoff
  115. The Heller Decision (2008)
  116. Constitutional Carry in West Virginia round two.
  117. elimination of due process in Ill-annoy
  118. Justice Thomas asks questions in court, 1st time in 10 years
  119. Are "We the people" now a minority?
  120. West Virginia is now a Constitutional Carry State
  121. Illinois 2nd Amendment News
  122. SC rules stun guns are protected by the 2nd Amendment
  124. Denneys
  125. CA - more gun laws
  126. Another 2nd Amendment Idiot
  127. Some Good News for IL
  128. Machine Gun Ownership 101
  129. New York City gun permit
  131. Home intruder.
  132. South Carolina signs the recprocity bill with GA.
  133. No right to concealed carry
  134. Academy Pulls MSRs From Shelves Following Orlando Tragedy
  136. SC refuses to hear New York and Connecticut bans onmilitary-style assault weapons
  137. Liberal Reporter Denied AR-15 Purchase
  138. Ben Carson on 2A
  139. Democrats Attack Bill of Rights
  140. Navy SEAL Veteran Slams 'Ignorant' Calls for AR-15 Ban
  141. 2015 % of gun ownership by State
  143. The NRA Just Responded Re: Philando Castile
  144. 2A Open Carry March in Florida
  145. Lawful Gun Owners Commit Less Gun Crime
  146. Back Door Attack On 2nd Amendment
  147. Another Main Stream Media Non Story
  148. How the US Might Put Down Armed Rebellion
  149. Missouri becomes 11th Constitutional Carry State
  150. No matter who wins...
  151. Four States to have gun control on the Ballots
  152. Your election choices?
  153. The Clinton Foundation....
  154. Good Job!
  155. NRA TV Obama-Clinton Doctrine
  157. Gotta love the democrat protesters...
  158. It's already too late for gun control
  159. Guns: The Loud Killer!
  160. 2016 version of the 2nd Amendment
  161. Could Open a can of Worms.
  162. HP HAND GUNS CA non-compliant
  163. New Commiefornia Law Triggers High Last Minute Sales
  164. FLL Airport Shooting
  165. Gun Violence Down
  166. Don't Mess WithThis Man's Sammich
  167. A Torch With No Flame
  168. Woman's Right vs. Gun's Right
  169. State Soverienty?
  170. New ky permitless cc bill 2017
  171. Conn Governor wants to increase gun perrmits
  172. The 2nd Amendment Explained
  173. A couple of thoughts on suppressors.
  174. What's Happening down in Bama?............
  175. Texas may be lowering LTC fees
  176. What's Wrong With This Holdup?
  177. SA and Rock River sell out to the goons!
  178. Student Suspended for Liking Airsoft Gun Pic
  179. So Senators now want to carry guns.
  180. Meet the Most Armed Man in America
  181. National reciprocity petition
  182. Another wolf in sheeps clothing bill
  183. Another official who believes the BOR only applies to him.
  184. Home Defense
  185. VICE News: The Future of Firearms
  186. ILL FOID Card
  187. Is it starting ? Auto rifle ban ?
  188. Old News: DC will begin issuing CCP
  189. Finally got around to it.
  190. It is Not a Coincidence when it Happens 98% of the Time. It is a Facilitating Factor.
  191. Bersa Chat Call for BOYCOTT
  192. UPS dropping Symantec
  193. Pro-2A Delegate Rattles Virginia House Dems
  195. Reporters Blast NRA for "Gunsplaining"
  196. Interesting video. Send comments to the ATF.
  197. Does NRA and Trump Agree on ERPOs?
  198. Florida man 'Red Flagged' & confiscated
  199. What Law Enforcement thinks about gun control
  200. Ammo Background Check Legislation Introduced
  201. Deerfield Illinois Bans "Assault Weapons" and High-Cap Mags
  202. Dick's Does Libs' Work For Them
  203. Illinois County Declares Gun Owner Sanctuary
  204. 2A Harrisburg, PA rally
  205. Hornady Halts Ammo Sales to New York
  206. Insurance Group Drops Carry Guard In Noo Yawk
  207. Pro-Gunners Bump Back on Stock Regulation
  208. SCOTUS Turns Deaf Ear on California Gun Rights
  209. Police Say Thieves Target NRA-Decaled Vehicles
  210. Florida Walmart Robber Finds Double Trouble From Gun Owners
  211. California Supreme Court Upholds "Impossible" Gun Law
  212. Oregon's Top Court Upends Assault Weapons Ban
  213. Liberal 9th Circuit upholds right to OPEN carry.
  214. 3D Gun Fears
  215. David Hogg Trips Over Own Argument
  216. Gun Rights Don't Come from the Second Amendment