View Full Version : .45 Ammo Jug Tests

  1. Speer Gold Dot Hollow Point 45ACP/230gr. Ammo
  2. Cor Bon DPX 45ACP/160gr.
  3. Mag Tech Guardian Gold 45 Auto/230gr./+P
  4. Federal HST 45 Auto/230gr./+P
  5. Winchester Ranger T 45 Auto/230gr. (#RA45T)
  6. Winchester Ranger 45ACP Bonded Ammo Test (RA45B)
  7. Hornday TAP/FPD 45 Auto Test
  8. Remington UMC L45AP7B/45ACP/230 gr./JHP Test
  9. Cor Bon 45ACP/230gr./+P Ammo Test
  10. Winchester RA45T +P Ammo Test
  11. Federal P45HST2 Ammo Test
  12. MagTech 1st Defense 45 Auto/165gr./JHP/Ammo Test
  13. Federal Hydra-Shok 45ACP/165gr./#PD45HS3 Ammo Test
  14. Ice Water Jug Fun With The Federal HST 45ACP/230gr.
  15. Winchester PDX1 45ACP/230gr./JHP Ammo Test
  16. Speer GDHP 9mm 124 gr. Short Barrel
  17. Cor Bon DPX 45ACP/185gr./+P Ammo Test
  18. PDX1 45ACP/230gr. Ammo Test With A 1911
  19. Hornady XTP 45ACP/230gr. Ammo Test Shot With A 1911
  20. Federal Premium Guard Dog 45ACP/160gr./#PD45GRD Ammo Test
  21. Hornady Critical Defense Test
  22. Hornady Critical Duty Test +P 220gr