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  1. First post!
  2. Additional Training
  3. What's up with Wyoming?
  4. CHL Insurance?
  5. Texas
  6. Condors Flight MASTERS paddle Holster
  8. CHL CLASS- concern... VERY CONCERNED!!!
  10. Concealed Carry in full view!
  11. How many guns do you carry
  12. NAA as back up for bersa
  13. Comfortable as day is long and more
  14. County failed to send gun permit notices
  15. BADGES
  16. Arizona SB 1108 Passed
  17. Appeals court confirms right to carry guns on Colorado college campuses
  18. A Reminder ...
  19. open carry encounter
  20. What can you expect after you've defended yourself?
  21. UBG Holster Questions
  22. So, you think the argument for concealed carry is new, do ya?
  23. Iowa is now a shall issue state
  24. CSU rescinds gun ban
  25. Travel with a firearm
  26. Cops take Hero's gun
  27. Happy Day! Picked up my NC permit today...
  28. How Not To Get Shot By The Police
  29. Thought it might be fun....
  30. 47% Oppose Open-Carry Gun Laws, 41% Favor
  31. From A Police Officer: Pulled Over While Carrying
  32. Cheapest, easiest to get non-resident permit
  33. Kroger groceryStores ban leagal CC in their stores
  34. TN restaurant carry bill vetoed again.
  36. Armed Citizen RSS feed --> Child forum perhaps?
  37. Crime Spree in Union Grove??
  38. NEW HOLSTER !!
  39. training vid shooting from a car
  40. IWB 1911 Holster suggestions
  41. Advice From A LEO
  42. Open Carry in CA about to be outlawed.
  43. cwp holder shoots robber on roadside
  44. My CCW Friend In Florida
  45. Another Big + For Arizona!!!
  47. 10 things non-gun people should know about CWP holders.
  48. Need to verify some Basics.... TX CCW
  49. Trip to SC through GA
  50. sc concealed carry course change Aug.2 2010
  51. How Close Is Too Close?
  52. Dry Firing Practice With Your Computer
  54. Supreme Court rules for gun ownership
  55. Pack-N-Go What states honor your permit(s) while traveling
  56. South Carolina Changes CCW/CHP RENEWAL Process
  57. Electronic Fingerprint Network Site for Identity Solutions
  58. odd encounter today
  59. Crime Reports (A Interactive Map)
  60. One In The Chamber
  61. ATTN: Nevada CCW Holders
  62. Suggestions for Carry Knife or Knives????
  63. The Armed Senior Citizen
  64. Practice Drills with Your Handgun
  65. 2A, Supreme Court and HCP's.
  66. PoliceOne article for LE on how to deal with CCW
  67. man with a gun
  68. Suspected SF Bayview Robber Shot By IRS Agent
  69. Anyone Ever Pull Or Use Their Carry Weapon?
  70. High Speed Amatuer Pistol Shooting
  71. Man Sues Over Gun Ban in Parks
  72. Real Life Tueller Drill
  73. Oops!
  74. Automatic Firing Pin Safety on Bersa Thunder Pro 9mm and .40
  75. Texas CCL
  76. DA/SA semi auto not good?
  77. Concealed Carry 1000 Feet from School
  78. Interesting Read -- @ Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network
  79. Utah Lawmaker Aims to Do Away With Concealed Carry Permits
  80. using my reloads for ccw
  81. CCW In County Administration Buildings
  82. Got my CC permit today!
  83. Michigan State Police legal update re: open carry
  84. Small Victory in Sacremento
  85. Video, How Fast the SHTF
  86. Wisconsin Concealed Carry
  87. New Congress, CARRY?????
  88. For BrianC...
  89. Minneapolis Police Spokesman Doesn't Know the Law
  90. TX: Rep. David Simpson takes lead on campus carry legislation
  91. CarTeach0, A blog of shooting tips
  92. Lawsuit Filed Against Post Office Gun Ban
  93. CCW and the RV
  94. Do you carry extra mags when you carry?
  95. Judge rules Wis. Ban on C.C. is unconstitutional
  96. What do you say?
  97. Kindness may be random, while violence erupts in grid-lock-step with Culture & Media
  98. One of the reasons we carry
  99. Should I Carry With a Round in the Chamber?
  100. Holster for Bersa Firestorm .380
  101. Iowa is as of today a 'shall issue' state
  102. Does anybody OC?
  103. Now that You Carry
  104. Ohio CC question
  105. Scheduled CCW Class
  106. Bartender Serves up Shots
  107. CCW Permit Filing Turn-around
  108. Got 'er done.
  109. Gun Laws are Empty Promises
  110. Finally scheduled class
  111. 45 ACP Shot shells
  112. Wyoming approves no license CC
  113. Lawmakers won’t get special gun rights
  114. Nearly there!
  115. how about you?
  116. #1 Daugther boy friend and CCW
  117. Thunder Ranch - Pistol Malfunction Clearance
  118. Oooh brianc...this is better than a badge.
  119. For CCW
  120. Texas might be right
  121. Gunfighter School and IPSC Games really helped him
  122. Questions from a noob at CC
  123. How Slow is Fast Enough?
  124. Ohio Newspaper Editor Wrong about C.C.
  125. CCW in National Parks one year anniversary
  126. brianc complete ensemble
  127. NRA VS. Grass roots of South Carolina
  128. Texas CHL arrived yesterday....
  129. Illinois anti-gunners at it again
  130. How Many Is Too Many?
  131. kangaroo carry for the ladies?
  132. Round Two, the waiting game!
  133. ways to conceal
  134. First Time Pulled Over with CHL License (in Texas)
  135. Why I carry when it is "safe."
  136. Ready for Action?
  137. UTAH CCW???
  138. Is It Just Me?
  139. Could it be, finally?
  140. Home Defense 101
  142. Got it!
  143. What to carry when you are out of the country
  144. Right or Left handed?
  145. Ohio CCW in Bars Proposal
  146. Bullets face forward
  147. Tennessee Legislature Considering Concealed Carry on College Campus
  148. CCW in hand finally
  149. all about being alert
  150. Texas Open Carry or no more Concealed?
  151. Question for the folks in Texas
  152. Reciprocity Interactive Map
  153. Shooting without ear protection
  154. She is coming around
  155. Anyone from Texas?
  156. CC for the ladies?
  157. Learning from experience
  158. Big week for me....
  159. Open Carry Meets the Philly Sandwich
  160. What's A Good Pocket Gun?
  161. quick draw?
  162. The role of the pocket gun
  163. FL CCW Permit question
  164. Is Missouri Friendly to Out-of-State CC?
  165. Texas: Governor Perry Signs Important Pro-Gun Measures Into Law!
  166. The Warthog's Concealed Carry Weapon
  167. Concealed Carry
  168. Good Read on Wisconsin Concealed Carry Debate
  169. Finally Done
  170. Just sent off my app for a Floriday non-resident Concealed Carry permit today.
  171. South Carolina CWP question
  172. Reciprocity issue
  173. Don't Attempt to Rob Us in Florida
  174. CA Gun Law Duel Heating Up
  175. With flash mobs and other problems?
  176. 5.11 tactical pants
  177. Off Hand Shooting
  178. Pizza Boy turns Tables on Robber
  179. Florida Gives Gun Toters A Breather
  180. Gun crimes drop at Virginia bars and restaurants
  181. Question on flying...
  182. Finally Got Off My Tail
  183. The Slower Draw Wins?
  184. This Is Kind of Interesting: Stopping Power
  185. Hawaii Sued Over "May Issue" Carry Law
  186. Giving up on concealed carry.
  187. It Pays to Carry
  188. NYC Mayor Wants Stricter Control of Strict Gun Control
  189. Nevada IHOP just shows why you should legally carry a gun
  190. District of Columbia question
  191. College Student Fires Back At Armed Assailant
  192. Boston City Council To Vote On KNIFE Licensing.
  193. Chicago Dem Lawmaker Wants CC Rights For Illinois
  194. Fed Judge Says New Yorkers Have No Constitutional Right To Carry
  195. Bloomberg Writer Admits to Perjury in Fl. CC Application
  196. Walgreens Fires Clerk For Saving His Own Skin
  197. House Bill Would Allow Carry Into All States
  198. Presidential Carry
  199. first encounter during emergency situation
  200. Looking to trade my P11 for something else
  201. Wisconsin - Finally!
  202. Why did you apply for your CC permit?
  203. Philly Invaded With Florida Permit Holders
  204. Thou Shalt Not Defend Thyself
  205. California Disarms Open Carry Law
  206. What You MUST Know BEFORE Leaving Your House With Your Gun
  207. People just don't notice
  208. TN Lawmaker Busted For Carrying While DUI
  209. Thought I'd share!
  210. Anti-gun on ABC
  211. October 16, 1991 Killeen Lubys Massacre
  212. Movies mis-information
  213. Where do I put the thing?
  214. Texas Radio Ad for CCW Class
  215. Texas CHL Renewal
  216. Sheriff Says Get Your Concealed Carry License
  217. Today is THE DAY
  218. Cheeseheads can now carry
  219. Honestly folks.
  220. Louisiana HELP!
  221. Machete Attack in NY Chicken Joint
  222. It's Somewhere
  223. So what belt(s) do you guys and gals use for carry?
  224. Lawyer needs?
  225. Long Wait
  226. Trip to Michigan
  227. Gto ti.
  228. 12 Things You Should Know About CWL Holders
  229. Tennessee proposing new concealed carry laws
  230. new law ?
  231. Instructors in Texas?
  232. run in with a cop
  233. crime in Canton
  234. CC Class
  235. What Credentials are Required---
  236. Wisconsin CC
  237. Wisconsin Trains Sheriff Deputies for CC Traffic Stops
  238. Top Tea Partier Busted For Airport Carry
  239. Carrying On The First Date
  240. Getting Gas? Be Aware
  241. Tiger Valley Christmas Greeting
  242. Michael T. how 'bout a karma on these?
  243. Woman Facing 3 1/2 Years For NY Gun Bust
  244. oops!
  245. ANOTHER Bust in NY For Gun Possession
  246. I will carry mine empty chamber I will have time.
  247. Driving from Omaha to Havasu.
  248. Thug killed in Canton
  249. Beat Me In St. Louis
  250. NYC Testing "Virtual Patdown" Technology