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Thread: PETERS .22 ammo

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    PETERS .22 ammo

    Peters .22lr ammo

    Ran across some Peters .22 ammo a few months back at one of the NW's employee owned, membership, dept. store chains. I saw that it was on sale in Dec., at nearly the cost of the cheapo bulk packed junk, so out of nostalgia, more than anything else, I picked up a brick of it.

    When a youngster my favorite ammo was the Winchester stuff my uncle gave me (free) from his VFW club that they purchased by the case lot. Free is good! Next, I really liked the Peters .22 as the old timer's said it was pretty good stuff. It came in a very distinctive red & blue box.

    Peters was/is a division of Remington, having got bought out after the Great Depression era. Remington shut down the Peters facilities many years ago, & if they sell any branded thus, it is currently manufactured at the Remington facilities. About 15-20 yrs. Back I gave my last 2 boxes of that red/blue box stuff to a Nam Vet I was working with that actually collected old ammo boxes.

    Well............we had some fun testing out this newer Peters branded stuff today. Went through most of ½ brick of it in 4 different rifles/carbines & 3 different pistols (all semi-auto).
    .22Long Rifle, “High Velocity”
    LRN Solid
    40 gr.
    1255 fps, 1017 @ 100
    140 ft.lb, 92 @ 100
    5.6” drop @ 100 , sighted @ 50

    --has a great bullet lube & looks and feels almost like the lube on match Wolf or Standard Plus. It is at least as good as any CCI .22 lube (going by looks & feel).
    --fed & functioned great & other than the total duds had no FTF's or FTE's
    --accurate. Though not any real bench shoot today, we did do a bit of “Logger bench rest” shooting & got some 1/2” & 5/8” groups at 30 yrds. (that be a back of pickup rest). We actually got the best groups with the aperture type open tech-sights today, probably just a fluke, as you take more time aiming them than the scoped versions.
    --packaged like it should be in 50 rnds. Per box, 10 boxes per brick

    --disappointed, when opening the 1st box to see “Rem” stamped on all the cases – that be a bad omen, as not fond of Remington .22 ammo, even though they make some real good center fire stuff.
    --1.5 total duds per box. That is a 3% failure rate. Sent an email to Remington about this, as worse than most bulk packed junk ammo.

    Buy again?
    If it wasn't for the duds, yes I would. I'll stick with the CCI stuff or match grade ammo primarily, but if I run across this on sale at bulk packed prices would consider buying a brick or two for the grand kids to shoot up.

    --10/22 with floated barrel & Tech-sights (going to a grandson)
    --10/22 Grandpa's with floated Tech-solutions barrel (16-1/2”) & the futuristic Evolution stock, scoped
    --Marlin 795 with tech-sights (going to a grandson, also – really impressed with this rifle – for $100 it will out shoot most any .22 after decent sights or scope)
    --Marlin 60SS tube fed, scoped (only shot this a little today, as we had 2 of the duds in it & a pain to clear, so we sat it aside) A real nice shooter & good looking rifle. Only complaint I would have is the modern bolt hold-open after last shot they have come up with it – you reload the tube & have to release the bolt 2x to chamber a round due to the design – the 1st rnd. Is not ready to feed until you move the bolt forward one time! Need to remember to close the bolt before loading, but seems less safe doing it that way.

    --Browning Buckmark, '91 vintage with a tech-sol barrel – my fun shooting plinker
    --Ruger Mk3 22/45 – fun to shoot as the Buckmark – my only complaint about it would be that the mags don't drop free. Thinking we should do a little judicious sanding on the mag bottom plastic plate to let it clear better. Its a target plinker, & not a competition piece, so only a minor complaint.
    --Erma Excam, early imported version. Much like the FS22 & Bersa 22's, except it has the European style mag release on the bottom – very fun to shoot & sometimes ammo picky – amazing how easily it is to point shoot considering its small size. Wish I still had this piece, at least it is still in the family!

    Always fun shooting .22's as you can basically shoot all you want without making a trip to the bank!

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    Re: PETERS .22 ammo

    'Nice report! I am kicking myself for not having the gumption to go to the range today. I wanted to go shoot my new 22 Chiappa 1911. I was out of town Wed - Sat so this morning I was moving slow... plus it was 25 F and 10 MPH wind ... I wouldn't have lasted too long. By the time I started feeling better the snow was coming down in huge flakes .... we got about 6" between 11 am and 5 PM.


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    Re: PETERS .22 ammo

    Can't blame you, Pond Scum!
    It was only in the high 30's here today (24 last night), or we would have probably shot up the whole brick today !
    Nice day today, though, weather-wise. Sunday is my shoot day, except when raining, which is about 50% or the time here !
    1) Never point (aim) a firearm at anything you do not plan to KILL !
    2) The only safe firearm is one with action open !

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