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Thread: Finally got around to it.

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    Re: Finally got around to it.

    Quote Originally Posted by guns4me View Post
    That would be correct. Maryland law states that unless you have a CPL, your weapon must be unloaded and in a case inaccessible (trunk or back of the SUV) and unloaded includes no rounds in the mag. These laws came about because of road-rage turning deadly because a weapon was loaded. If it is unloaded and you get into a situation, it actually can now be considered premeditated murder. Because you thought about killing and requiring you to first get the weapon, get the ammo and load, cock and fire. And you are only allowed to transport it directly from home-range/gunsmith-home. If you make other stops along the way and get pulled over and questioned as to whether or not you have a weapon in the vehicle, you are in violation of this law. This results in the weapon being confiscated and it is typically destroyed before your court date making it impossible to recover the weapon. I have known a couple of people where this occurred.
    My point is that we aren't restrained by such heinous legalities, and some states do not even require a permit to carry a firearm, therefore there would be no requirement to unload your handgun and stash it before driving.

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    Re: Finally got around to it.

    We, in Texas, have always been allowed to carry a loaded pistol in a vehicle when traveling (by "always", I mean since beginning of my working years). Prior to getting concealed carry, however, it depended on the jurisdiction & how they interpreted the law as to "traveling". Some said 1 county away from home, others said 2 counties. It was also required to be in plain sight, hence many of us carried on the dash board. If I was going to be gone over night, I had my .357 with me, regardless of how many counties from home. Concealed carry clarified it as anywhere, but concealed.
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    Re: Finally got around to it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rev_Les View Post
    Our laws DO allow us to carry a handgun, out of sight but in reach, loaded, in the vehicle. period.
    Your state law does not necessarily equate to Texas state law. Other states require no permit to carry a handgun, so they're forced to unload and stash before getting into a vehicle?
    True enough. State laws vary from state to state. And over time. When I lived in Colorado over 30 years ago you could carry concealed in your vehicle without a permit. But, don't step out of the car with it on your person, then you were guilty of carrying concealed without a license. Or so we were told at a gun club meeting by an LEO. I have no idea what the law in Colorado is today.

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