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Thread: Airweight J Frame

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    Re: Airweight J Frame

    I just put that Wilson spring kit in that Pondy talked about. I used the 8/13# combo. I ran 100 rounds through it today, perfect, no light primers. Yes, the pull is now about 9 lbs.
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    Re: Airweight J Frame

    Had a buddy put a set in a 642. The rebound spring didn’t impress me. It feels like the trigger catches in the reset.

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    Re: Airweight J Frame

    "Damn Mustachio, love that grip you have on your 642! That 642 is a great shooting little Smith. "

    I also put a Wolff spring kit in it. Lowered the trigger pull to an acceptable level, but not dangerously light. I bought the grips on E-bay for $30. Hogue sells them for $58 + shipping. They are far better than the original boot grips. I lightly sanded them with a fine sand paper and it increased the stickiness/grip-ability and are just darn good looking. this gun shoots POA at 7 yards and keeps them all in the bull.
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