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Thread: BP9CC Holster Wanted!

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    BP9CC Holster Wanted!

    Does anyone have a BP9 holster that they don't use and would like to sell. I am finally leaving No Carry overseas back to the mainland, and I haven't bought a holster for my bp9 since i got it in 2013. The thing is, I am waiting for the Alien Gear ShapeShift starter kit to be available for the BP9 before I spend real money, so I just need something that will work ok, until then.

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    Re: BP9CC Holster Wanted!

    If all else fails, I can just carry my firestorm in my old crossbreed until the alien gear is avail.

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    Re: BP9CC Holster Wanted!

    These folks carry some inexpensive off-the-shelf holsters. In fact, you might give one a try & like it so much, forget about the Alien Gear.

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    BP9CC Holster Wanted!

    Yeah I’m tracking. I may just get an alien gear cloak tuck 1.0, and use it until the shape shift comes out

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