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Thread: Sirloin Sous Vide 24 hour cook.

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    Sirloin Sous Vide 24 hour cook.

    Sirloin roast sous vide 24-hour cook.

    Small 4" sirloin. Your choice in seasoning rub. I used the Sugar Bourbon rub again. First set up the sous vide Anova water bath.

    All photos will follow .....

    Next bring it up to temperature, I am going for 131° @ 24 hours.
    Heat seal, and hang the meat so 1" of water is covering it.

    After 24 hours remove, save the drippings, and wrap, cover with a towel for one hour.

    Unwrap, and sear with a searsall tourch.

    Carve aginst the grain in 1" servings, use drippings at your discretion. I put some on the potatoes and a little on the meat.

    Taste better than restraurant prime rib!

    Bon appetit
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    Re: Sirloin Sous Vide 24 hour cook.

    Oh Boy,,, You sure know how to make a guy get hungry, RC,, That sure looks good!


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