Just was talking to the guy at Freedom Munitions this afternoon and we were talking about the tax stamp on suppressors. His thoughts are that it's just going to make the waiting time longer and even if they removed the tax stamp they still have serial numbers that have to be ran. He was also concerned about the possibility of bad guys getting them easier but I pointed out if a bad guy wanted one he'd get it anyway. So I suppose unless they did away with the serialization requirements as well as the tax stamp. My concern here is federal law prohibits us from legally sitting at the mill and lathe and fabricating our own, if they remove the required stamp unless they would have to repeal the entire part of the NFA dealing with suppressors or we'd still be in violation by fabricating one ourselves, unlike making our own receiver so long as we had no intent on selling them. I'm kinda rambling here but I didn't sit down and think this out before typing it, lol.