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Thread: Pondy and his bling

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    Pondy and his bling

    Seems Pondy was out for an afternoon stroll back in March when he had a close encounter with his friends in uniform when his nice shiny bling caught the attention of a concerned citizen. This prompted a call to 911 where they tried to educate the concerned citizen that decided to use lies and trickery to get them to investigate. Hopefully Pondy will be in receipt of a new gun fund courtesy of the other taxpayers of Grand Rapids.

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    Re: Pondy and his bling

    Can't really see the foul here.....Pondy's used to laying face down on the ground. It was probably his wife who made the 911 call.
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    Re: Pondy and his bling

    At least they didn't make him lay in the snow.
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    Re: Pondy and his bling

    You guys are pretty funny!! My wife likes it when I OC!! The 911 operator told the lady that called it in that OC was legal and that Deftert wasn't doing anything wrong. Then the 911 operator put out a radio call to the squad cars suspicious man with a gun. Seems he was guilty of OC while wearing camo.

    I think the city is in deep doo doo this time. The mayor is A lefty, anti gun. Michigan Open Carry has been attending commission meetings trying to get the city to understand the laws. Really a shame for the taxpayer.

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    Re: Pondy and his bling

    Point to consider........

    Seems he was guilty of OC while wearing camo.
    Hmmm.....shouldn't street clothes be considered camo when the subject is on the city sidewalks?
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    I guess I would be in trouble. I have been wearing my camo a lot the last few months while OC'ing my xdm in a drop down leg holster. It is my hunting backup gun of choice as I hunt with a bow. I better make sure I change my clothes before I head to Michigan in a few minutes.
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    Re: Pondy and his bling

    Summary and Link to all news articles from Michigan Open Carry website http://forums.michiganopencarry.org/...ic,3581.0.html

    GTGeorge, thanks for posting the new link. I posted it and and it was added to the list.

    The offensive officer is named "Moe" ..... makes for lots of jokes about his partners "Larry & Curly". The guy was a chump on a power trip. I don't know how you can watch the video and think anything else. The Police Chief announced his retirement - I wonder if he doesn't want to deal with the media crap. He is a pretty good guy, a career officer from Grand Rapids and was promoted from within. Attends a church a couple blocks from my house and is active in the community.

    I have had a few encounters with GR police while carrying concealed. There was never a problem. Michigan law says we need to "announce" if we are carrying and are "stopped" by the cops. I have announced a couple of times when just visiting with police .... just to be on the safe side. I was pulled over by GR police while OC'ing on my Goldwing. It was new and I didn't have the plates on it so there was a reason to stop. I was OC so I didn't declare..... My AC Trophy with the green grips is pretty visible so I didn't think it was necessary plus it is OC not concealed. He told me I should have declared because I need to have a CPL to OC on a motor vehicle....... Maybe splitting hairs but I didn't argue or debate the law. It was a "pleasant" stop ... very courteous and helpful, not confrontational at all. He told me to go home and put the plates on the bike and I said, "Yes sir. Thank you officer." For the record I wasn't wearing camo ... I don't remember but I probably was wearing Khakis and a sport shirt with my cycle jacket. Grey hair, no tattoos, no visible scars, no skin head, no drop leg holster - It was in a Serpa retention holster, no AR strapped to my back, no "Joe Biden" recommended double barrel shottie in a side scabbard.........

    UPD - Deffert v. Grand Rapids (Moe et. al.)
    « on: December 26, 2013, 09:13:53 AM »
    I will be using this thread as a means of compiling relevant information about this case. If you see something that I'm missing PM me.

    Deffert v. Grand Rapids (Moe et. al.)
    (Current Status: Complaint Filed (12/20/2013))

    Complaint Summary
    - On March 3, 2013, at or about 12:00 P.M., on a public sidewalk in the City of Grand Rapids, in Kent County, Michigan, Plaintiff walked down the street lawfully openly carrying a pistol in a holster on his hip.
    - Defendant Officer Moe arrived at Plaintiff’s location.
    - Defendant Officer Moe drew his service pistol and aimed it at Plaintiff while approaching him.
    - Defendant Officer Moe ordered Plaintiff to lie on the ground on his stomach and handcuffed him behind his back.
    - Defendant Officer Moe removed Plaintiff’s pistol from his holster.
    - At or about that time, Defendant Officers Johnston and LaBreque arrived at the scene.
    - Defendant Officers left Plaintiff handcuffed in the back of a squad car for approximately ten minutes.
    - Defendant Officers retained his pistol for approximately ten minutes.
    - Plaintiff repeatedly offered his identification to Defendant Officers, who refused to retrieve it for several minutes, instead choosing to debate public policy with Plaintiff.
    - Defendant Officers eventually verified through the Michigan LEIN system that Plaintiff was legally entitled to carry a pistol as he was not a felon, was of proper age, and was not in any area where the carrying of a firearm is unlawful.
    - Defendant Officers then released Plaintiff, who was not formally arrested or charged with any crime.

    Responding Officer's Summary (via 2nd MLive article in News section):
    - Plaintiff was detained for openly carrying a holstered pistol because he raised concerns about his psychological state by standing outside of a church service talking loudly to himself, police reports showed
    - "Deffert was alone, and was loudly talking to himself,” Moe wrote. “Based on the area, and Deffert’s unusual behavior, R/O (responding officer) was concerned Deffert may have mental issues and was about to commit a violent crime."
    - "For R/O's safety and the safety of the community, R/O made a high-risk felony stop on Deffert. R/O was working alone. R/O drew down on Deffert, and made him lay down on his stomach, and place his hands on his head”
    - "Deffert immediately began stating that he was exercising his right open carry,” Moe wrote. “R/O explained to Deffert, he had that right (to) open carry as long as he was not a felon or had any documented mental orders."
    - "R/O further explained to Deffert, R/O would release him as soon as R/O checked him in LEIN (Law Enforcement Information Network). Deffert stated he had neither. Based on Deffert’s answers and odd demeanor, R/O was not so sure Deffert did not have some psychological issues. Deffert would not elaborate on why he was talking to himself. He had no cell phone on him,”
    - Once he confirmed Deffert was not a felon and did not have a documented mental disorder, Moe released him. He also returned Deffert’s firearm, which was not loaded.
    - City Attorney Catherine Mish said under the circumstances, the police response was “very reasonable”
    - According to City Attorney Mish "this is not a location where pedestrians normally utilize that sidewalk", which added to the R/O's suspicion.

    Documents/Relevant Material:
    - Complaint
    - 911 call and dispatch audio
    - Officer Moe's dashcam video with audio (edited)
    - Unedited Dashcam Part1 Part2 Part3
    - Officer Moe's prior history: According to MLive writer John Agar here "A check of federal court records showed that a 2001 lawsuit filed against Moe and five others alleged excessive force was settled. A 2005 case alleging excessive force went to trial in 2010, with jury siding with Moe."

    - (12/21/13) MLive: Lawsuit: Gun owner says Grand Rapids police wrongly detain him for openly carrying pistol
    - (12/22/13) WOODTV: Man sues GRPD after gun taken, detained
    - (12/23/13) MLive: Grand Rapids police respond: Man detained for openly carrying firearm was acting 'oddly' outside church service
    - (12/25/13) Gun Watch: MI: Open Carry Lawsuit; Police Report or Dashcam Video?
    - (12/26/13) BearingArms.com: - Open Carry or Open Scary? Grand Rapids open carry civil case could get interesting
    - (12/27/13) AmmoLand: MI: Open Carry Lawsuit; What is the Truth, Police Report or Dashcam Video? (Same story as GunWatch)
    - (12/30/13) MLive: Listen to 911 caller report Grand Rapids man with holstered gun; federal lawsuit follows
    - (1/1/14) Gun Watch: MI:Lawsuit says Open Carry is Political Speech, Police Knew Carry was Legal
    - (1/2/14) Info Wars: 9-1-1 to Caller: It’s “Not Illegal” to Open Carry Pistol
    - (1/2/14) Guns n Freedom: [Audio] 911 Caller Freaks Out After Seeing Holstered Gun and Is Told It’s Legal to Open Carry
    - (1/3/14) CopBlock: William Moe Draws-Down on Peaceful Walker
    - (1/10/14) MLive: See video of open-carry gun advocate's confrontation with Grand Rapids Police that sparked lawsuit
    - (1/10/14) Gun Watch: MI:Video Released in Grand Rapids Open Carry Lawsuit
    - (1/10/14) MLive: See entire encounter between Grand Rapids Police, open-carry gun advocate
    - (1/10/14) Huffington Post: Video Of 2nd Amendment Defender's Confrontation With Police Released
    - (1/11/14) Gun Watch: MI:Grand Rapids Open Carry Lawsuit Unedited Video: No evidence of "Talking to Nobody"
    - (1/11/14) Fox17: Lawsuit Filed After Open Carry Incident
    - (1/13/14) MLive: City defends Grand Rapids Police officer who detained man with holstered gun
    - (1/14/14) The Blaze: Open Carry Is Legal in Michigan – That’s Why the Confrontation in This Video Has Sparked a Federal Lawsuit
    - (1/14/14) WOODTV: GR claims immunity to gun carrier's suit
    - (1/15/14) Tell Me Now: Cops Harass Man & Put Him On Pavement For Legally Carrying A Gun
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