I've been on the quest for a perfect CCW pistol for years now. I've got from Glocks to Sigs to 1911s and everything in between. There are a small handful of manufacturers that I haven't actually owned, and most I've tried in gun shops. I finally settled on an Officer's sized 1911 for my current carry gun, but can't get over how heavy it is. Lately my buying/selling/trading has gotten completely out of hand trying to find "the one" it's getting ridiculous!

Yesterday I set out to see what I could find. I had some money in my pocket, a full tank of gas, and an understanding girlfriend that didn't mind tagging along on a 100+ mile road trip to visit 6 of my favorite gun shops. After spending most of the day playing with guns I haven't tried before and being severely disappointed, I was at the point where I thought I should just buy another Glock and make myself like it.

I ended up finding this little beauty:

It's even smaller than my mini-1911!

I loaded up my bags and a few other guns and headed to the range where I had some mixed success. I didn't clean the gun prior to shooting as upon field stripping there appeared to be a normal amount of oil inside the pistol with no left over bits from machining that I could see. I took 200 rounds with me laid out as follows: 50 147gr Winchester Silvertip JHP, 50 115gr Magtech FMJ, 50 115gr American Eagle FMJ, and 50 115gr Remington UMC JHP. I began with the American Eagle which fed fired and extracted all 50 cartridges. Towards the end of the box I had one magazine start failing to lock back. It happened 2 or 3 times then completely went away for the remainder of the day. The same magazine caused the failure and I could not get the problem to come back with any other ammo. I'm guessing it might have been part of break-in or I just wasn't seating the mag fully.

The second box, which was Remington JHP, went fine with no major complaints. Brass was being ejected towards my 4 o'clock maybe 3 yards away. It wasn't flinging brass, but left them in a nice neat spot on the ground. When I got into the third box, just after the 100 round mark I started getting failure to ejects. I scraped a little bit of buildup out from under the extractor with my knife and things started going smooth again. All in all I had maybe 10 failure to extracts from the second 100 rounds I put through it. Some ejection seemed weak, with the cases sitting neatly on top of the magazine when the slide locked back. Going through and cleaning the gun I found nothing out of the ordinary and by round 175 things seemed to have cleaned up a bit with the failures being more spread apart. When they started happening they were one right after another.

I don't trust the gun for carry yet. I'm hoping it just needs a bit of a break-in period as many other guns of this size do. If it continues through the next 200 rounds I'll be contacting the manufacturer to see what they suggest. The extractor looks like it's getting a good bite on the rim of the rounds I manually fed it and there seems to be plenty of tension so I'm not quite sure what to think of it.

I did find a holster at the gunshop I bought ammo from. Tagua Gunleather makes an IWB holster for the LC9 which fit this little Bersa like it was made for it.

Some folks think my problem might be a weak extractor spring or out of spec extractor. Does anyone have any input? All the other range reports I've seen have had no problems whatsoever. It was a slightly frustrating day