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Thread: Recoil spring for Thunder 380 is back on stock at Bersa web site.

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    Recoil spring for Thunder 380 is back on stock at Bersa web site.

    Letting you guys know, the recoil springs for the Thunder 380 are back on stock at Bersa website. Also the e-clips are out of stock, but the 1/8 inch e-clips at Home Depot fits the trigger pin fine. 43 cents for two including tax here in Florida.

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    Re: Recoil spring for Thunder 380 is back on stock at Bersa web site.

    You got to shoot a lot of rounds to wear out the Bersa 380 recoil spring I think someone here went 6000 rounds then changed. I bought 2 springs when I bought my Bersa in 2004 still in box someplace.
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